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Edward Campbell. Calgary resident, Panamanian born and raised. Student of The University of Panama with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design. Experienced in the Entertainment and Advertising  Industries.

My career starts in 2007 as a Jr. Designer at Show Pro (an entertainment based company). My role involves creating promotional concert artwork, video, marketing presentation, animation, and photography.

In 2009, I decided to move to Cerebro Young and Rubicam (Y&R), a Global American company with a sector in Panama. It gave me the opportunity to advance my skills and create content for Colgate Palmolive and their companies branches such as  Axion, Suavitel, Palmolive, and Colgate. I also designed for other brands like Sony, Blue Cross, and Furniture City.

I was then given the opportunity to work for CR8 Advertising, a Panamanian company. My role was facilitating  Art Directions for companies that hire CR8 Advertising such as Life Plus, Hopsa,  I-Storage and Super 99.

The last agency I worked for in Panama is called J. Walter Thompson. An American advertising company with a branch in Panama. I loved the creative freedom and projects because I had the chance to increase my skill level when it comes to team management, copywriting and being the source of visual direction for ad campaigns. I developed content for brands such as Honda, Cable Onda, Telecarrier, and Fundayuda.

When I lived in Panama I was very involved in my community. I supported local artists, dancers, singers, actors to help launch events dedicated to at-risk youth. I used my graphic design skills to better my community by promoting local events that supported efforts to enhance the development of my country.

Now that I am in Canada, my company (ECStudio) is hired by many clients. The Largest of which is Studio C and G. (Digital Agency). I am currently the Lead Designer creating User Experience Designs, Branding, Corporate Identity, Animation and Conceptual Proposals.

My other clients are Calgarian companies. My work consists of delivering creative services and visual material for Pulse Studios, Last Standing Clothing Co, Infinite Elements, Natural Momentum, Dedicated Empire and Manga Catering LTD.