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We are a Calgary-based graphic creative studio that stay up-to-date with design trends and techniques so that we can visually tell your story and jump-start the communication between you and your prospective clients.

Infinite Elements

IE final-01.jpg

Infinite Elements is a record label based out of Calgary, Alberta, specializing in supporting urban culture and artists across Canada.

We build a logomark visual presence for them using some vector and animation to express their business desires which is a voice and guidance to help artists establish their careers in the music industry.  

This crew is making good moves by sharing their love, passion and experience with Calgary community of musicians and performers.

Edward Campbell Studio had the opportunity to build a very cool animation for their brand for upcoming shows and videos.

They will be having a very cool perform on June 23rd evening at the Rec Room celebrating their first year. A get together of good performers and dancers unifying Hip Hop elements to give the best entertainment. Don't miss it!