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Pulse Studios - Open House


The end of August it's in the corner and for this Pulse Studios is launching Open House.

A Weekend of Classes and celebration. A get community gets together and the most important, It's Free! Free classes for children and adults! New facilitators, dance styles, clothing and more.

ECStudio developed a digital art and social media and a Poster 11 inches x17 inches for their studio promotion. We use the technique of double exposure with a minimal direction to showcase the event. Also promoting secondary colors of Pulse Studios Branding in a fun concept.



The community engagement is always a great mission. We created an artwork for PULSE STUDIO., with the objective of spread love to the people that surround them at Crescent Heights. A collectible postcard 5x7 inches to say Thank You to those neighbors that had been supportive and embrace the new ones. Also giving free classes as an introduction to Pulse Studios community.

Postcard_mock up.jpg
Pulse Studios PostCard 5x7 Final Front-01.jpg

Want to be part of Calgary dance community close to downtown.

Visit: https://www.pulsestudios.ca/adult-dance-classes/


Edward Campbell Studio Inc. is always evoking visuals that suit our client's missions. We are very happy with the results of this project. Thanks to Pulse Studios for making ECStudio be part pf their philosophy through art.

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