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Pulse Studios Camouflage Clothing - Calgary Street Dance Studio

Hey, Art Lovers.

Today I want to show you some cool results from our last project that we had been developing for a local Calgary dance studio called PULSE STUDIOS.



Let's start with the clothing!

As a characteristic of street culture the term "being fresh" is a daily mindset. Culture lovers are about picking up the best garment for training or a night out. PULSE creates value by extending a bond in between people and clothing. 

Edward Campbell Studio Inc. had the opportunity to create a new clothing line called "Camouflage". Printed by Motiv Custom Apparel, a company located a medicine hat, Alberta. All synergy between local art and providers. https://motivcustomapparel.com/

Motiv Custome Apparel have the fastest and more detailed oriented outcome.


Pulse Studios Camo Design-01.jpg
Cammo 1.jpg
Pulse Studios Camo Design-01.jpg
Cammo 2.jpg

Pictures taken by: Shaleen Ladha, also known on social media as #slsnaps is a freelance photographer based in Canada who is focus is on portraits, street photography, music photography and events.

Check out her website: https://www.slsnaps.com

If you are in taking some cool dance classes for the rest of the summer and winter in Calgary Check out:


Apart form the design life, I also teach dance classes @pulsestudioscalgary


See you there!

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