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We are a Calgary-based graphic creative studio that stay up-to-date with design trends and techniques so that we can visually tell your story and jump-start the communication between you and your prospective clients.

2 Years and On!

2 YEARS AND ON FINAL- Blue 1600x1600.jpg

When I arrive Calgary, I meet Aris. A talented Individual, humble, skilled and creative. From walking to the studio, sharing knowledge in dance sessions to create EP Visual.

Aristotle Ngandu Nsungani. Congolese and Canadian Launch today through Bandcamp, Itunes and Spotify His new and fly EP called "2 Years and On". The feelings of starting an art journey.


We sat down to create a visual that merges the struggle, lessons, money factor, important keys, time, work and the message behind that it's to Light Up!

Light Up souls and all those who feel identified with this Art Life.

All the feet lettering were made by hand and I create a mini set for the feet photo shoot Using poster paper around it. The amazing thing about being a creative person is the ability to be able to create resources on the spot. After on post production, all the images were clean and enhanced to give them a look based on the project concept. We Locate the feet in an environment!


To a Mini Photo set for his feet with an organic touch to digital art, this is the results: