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Extra Credit - HighSchool Dance Competition

The Great 8 Character:

Going back on time to talk about the creative process, 2016 was the start of the Great 8th Breakin Qualifier. We start the creation of a simple character that gathers the high school vibe with Hip Hop, mostly directed for BBoys.

For the current year, we keep the direction making the character look different keeping the hip hop feel. Hopefully, will be changing forms every year who it's an exciting task.

The artworks are being exposed for Social Media campaign on Instagram, Facebook, and some Printed material.

Good design projects suppose to be challenging without losing the fun and the exciting. This is one of those projects in which you can enjoy the input and the result as well :P

As a designer always be able to persue a healthy balance in your delivery to make it a fun project that enhances your skills to keep growing.

In the Calgarian, Hip Hop Journey I had a good time creating visuals for the high school Dance Competition called Extra Credit. Hosted by Gill Co and Vince Troung aside with Pulse Studios Staff members. This competition takes place on May 5th, 2017 at Sait's University Gym. Don't Miss it.

Follow them in media : @extracredityyc , Fb: Extra Credit 2017



Extracredit 4x6 2016-2017-01.jpg
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