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About me

Effective with a desire to evoke and engage feelings throught visual art.



I'm Graphic Designer / Illustrator and B-Boy from Panama, Republic of Panama. Recently living in Calgary, Canada.

I enjoy making concepts, Illustrations, designs, videos and Corporate Identity cause I like the express through a powerful communication. I find my delivery strength in Logos and Corporate Identity by making companies initiate their paths with a strong image.

Good challenges are always "the batman sign" of every designer, to the rescue to solve problems. Through the years,

I always found my inspiration in the trust and loyalty of work relationship with clients/friends that found me as a good asset for their projects.

As a passionate individual, I also found the creative drive through dance.

"I love "Breakin", The best dance ever.


Design Journey

I gathered studies at the University of Panama with a successful Graphic Design Degree,  the second journey of my design experience took me right away to the industry field as a Jr. graphic designer for Concerts / Show business campaign promotions. Developing press printed material, videos and 2d animations in a company called Show Pro.

Also cause I had art itchiness, I start my Freelance journey designing for Panamanian local artist's / brands like Latin Fresh, Casa del Cine, Zoombeats, Veranera Films, Under Cover Rain Boots, Kristal Mar, Nour, Pro-Activa Panama and many other companies that believe in my artistic vision allowing me to create fresh projects.

The pursuit of evolution starts at the "advertising industry".
Working at Cerebro Y&R for 3 Years, CR8 Advertising for 1 year and J. Walter Thompson Panama for 8 months before arriving Canada.

Since I arrive Canada in 2014, I have been making collaborations for local Calgarian artists and events.